Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wash Day and Trim

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter, I know I did; lots of fun in the sun!

Despite the long fun filled weekend I made sure to protect my hair, especially on Monday when I went to the beach. To help protect my hair against the salt water I moisturized my hair using ORS Organic Olive Oil Moisturizer then applied a generous amount of Soft Sheen Carson Roots of Nature Mango Oil and Sweet Almond Oil. I got the oil free when I purchased another hair product a while back, this product is laden with cones (mango oil and sweet almond oil is the 8th and 9th ingredient out of 13 :/   I only use it when I’m going to the beach to help protect my hair.

When I got home on Monday night I had to clarify my hair FOUR times just to get out that oil! To clarify I used Redken Hair Cleansing Cream for the first three of the four washes and Affirm Fiberguard Normalizing Shampoo for the fourth wash. I then applied Affirm Fiberguard Sustenance for about 30 minutes; it was really late so instead of finishing my wash day I applied Redken real control and left it in overnight.

I was not able to finish my wash day until Tuesday night so I rocked a wig that day. Isn’t wigs amazing?! I used to be so scared of wearing them because of the jacked up things I’ve seen lol, I’m proud to announce that people don’t even believe I’m wearing a wig. If it doesn’t look realistic leave it alone! :)  Anyways, back to the topic at hand, I wanted to trim my ends but didn’t want to use direct heat again so soon so I did a roller set, well something resembling one; it’s a work in progress :D The leave-ins I used was Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique and Kerastase Resistance Fibre Architecte along with some Chi Silk infusion for extra protection. It took me almost two hours to set my hair then I sat under the dryer for over two and a half hours and my hair still wasn’t completely dry at the back, yip I kid you not!

My table top dryer will soon be of little to no use to me; it was one of the things I bought to kick off my hair journey and I’ve only used it a whopping five times, not cool at all. I used my purple rollers for this last set and my head barely fit under the dryer so I’m adding a professional hooded hair dryer to my list of wants. I would love to master roller setting and a hand held dryer won’t do, plus hooded dryers are healthier for the hair than hand held ones.
Once I took out the rollers, I saran wrap my hair and sat under the dryer for an additional ten minutes to get my hair as straight as possible so I could trim it. I trimmed about an inch and a half off my ends and I feel so much better about my hair even thought I don’t wear it out and of course it looks better too. Sorry I don’t have pictures, I need to work on getting in the habit of taking pictures.

How do you protect your hair when heading to the beach/pool?

Happy Hair Growing!


  1. I just wet my hair and apply conditioner but I am meaning to try a serum as well next time. That roots of nature serum sounds terrible? All that shampoo to get it out? How do u like the kerastase leave ins...

    1. Terrible does not beging to describe it! lol, I wanted to throw it away when I first go it but I have this thing about being wasteful plus knowing what I know now about hair care I won't fell right giving it to someone either.

      The Kerastase leave ins are great, I have only used them 3 times since buying them last year August. They work much better when using heat than without.

    2. You are welcomed, I will do a review soon :)

  2. Can you please do a detailed post on how you trim your hair and how do u decide its time for a trim?

  3. I am obsessed with having blunt ends which is difficult to cut on your own so I have a friend help me cut my hair, when I can't get help (since I trust no one else to do it) I just trim little sections at a time, I don't have a technique when doing that, my aim is just to trim a few centimeters all over.

    I am currently bouncing back from a setback so I had to increase how often I trimmed to get rid of damage but once my hair is in a happy place I will usually trim with every touch-up, it helps with maintenance.