Friday, 29 March 2013

Hair Ramble

In a few weeks from now it’s going to be one year since I’ve been on my HHJ (healthy hair journey). I don’t feel like my hair has grown at all. Yes I went from NL (neck length) to SL (shoulder length) but it still doesn’t seem like its growing. Hair grows on average 6 inches per year but how do you deal with the realization that if you get 4 inches for the year you’re lucky?
And that’s not taking into account trims. I’m new to this so I’m going to make a lot of mistakes. I’m a slow grower and although I tell myself to have patience, patience sucks! I’ll be lucky to even make APL (Armpit Length) by the end of this year but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I see more growth when I’m consistent with my vitamins.

This last stretch was the most difficult, my shedding increased plus every wash day I battled tangles and breakage. At the start of this HHJ I was not sure how long I was going to stretch for, I was just committed to doing nothing less than 12 weeks. Right before I started my journey I was going natural but decided to give this relaxed hair journey a try and did my first relaxer to kick off my HHJ at 17 week post, which made me decide to stick to long stretches. However, I have decided to cut my stretches to 12 weeks from now on, I won’t do less than 12 weeks but if he (my hair) is cooperating I will go longer.

My last touch up was bitter sweet because I have to cut my hair and of course I don’t want to. I’m thinking about sticking to just clipping my ends with every touch up and do a nice trim at the end of the year for my last touch in December. I don’t wear my hair out, it’s always hidden so I don’t feel like I need the perfect even cut right now. Since doing my hair in November last year I flat ironed and wore it out once; last month for Carnival Tuesday when I had used clip-ins. Leaving my hair alone worked for me before I knew anything about a HHJ and that’s what will take me through it.

When I started this blog I honestly thought I would be talking to myself for at least a year lol so I want to thank everyone who has stopped by and continue to do so *gigantic hug* Tell me what you think I should do about my hair, cut it now or stick to my plan of cutting in December? I would appreciate your feedback, any suggestions or tips you may have. Thanks again for taking the time to hear me ramble.

 Happy Hair Growing!



  1. Do you just want to cut your hair to even it or is it because you don't like your ends? If its the former I am for leaving it alone. Why cut if you do not need to. However if its the later I say
    About your tangles, perhaps you can try PM the detangler (it has a very low pH; its an acidifier ... it melts my tangles and I do not need huge globs of it to do the job; but my hair porosity is high so it works great for me)
    about your breakage ... you can try using DB Transitioning cream ( its a $100TT @ valrosa Ltd) it keeps my roots soft and untangled, during my stretches you can stretch it by using it in the kimmaytube leave in ( I use half the amt of oil because the standard recipe is to oily for relaxed hair) it works wonderful as a leave in and moisturizer!!! :)

    1. How much was your shipping on the HS combs? If you got it from

    2. I want to cut my hair to even it, it's on my mind and messing with my Easter lol so next wash day I'm gonna take off about an inch, it is less than I need to but as I will be trimming every touch up hopefully at the end of the year it will look plenty better.

      Tangles and breakage is not a problem before I wash its after, when detangling. The last few washes I tried washing with my hair in 4 plaits, which helped a little, but getting the plaits to stay was an issue. I have to learn to be more patient with my hair as it gains length. I will give the PM a try :)

      I will definitely be checking out Valrosa Ltd!!!! *screams* I've wanted the DB transitioning cream since I started my HHJ! I avoid POS at all cost lol I rather pay more in the mall or pharmacy than go to POS but I'm all for this. Any other places or ppl you know that I can get quality products share please!

      I have been meaning to do a post on places in Trinidad I spot certain products and the prices but decided to leave it since there isn't much local ppl reading this blog. It would be really nice for us to share the information, especially when it comes to prices. I know I would go out of my way if it means getting a product/item I want for my hair, no part of this country is off limit! :D

      Thanks again Anonymous!

    3. Oh my! sorry for the long reply, all that and still forgot about the HC combs lol

      I ordered them online from and let my aunt bring them for me.

  2. I completely understand how you feel. When I first started I felt like my hair was progressing at a snail's pace and I kept having to clip off damage. I'm going to be honest though, once I figured out what products and techniques worked for me and just let it do it's thing it kind of just took off. Don't get discouraged, my dear. You will absolutely meet your goals. Just hang in there once you have a regimen that works and your hair's health improves you'll notice a huge difference, health will always lead to beauty. HHJ!

  3. Thanks Jenna, I needed to hear that :)

  4. Diet is essential if you are hoping for better than average growth. Lentils have biotin and are a good source of protein. Carrots I have found make a difference. Lots of fruits and vegetables. I was a slow grower until I amped up on my nutrients.

    Also long stretches may not be for you. My rule is if you are gonna get breakage after a certain point, then don't stretch. I personally think a minimum of 10 weeks is fine.

    I would give it a little trim. Maybe an inch or so. Baby the ends til the next relaxer and then trim again.

  5. Thanks for the advice Carolyn,

    I have horrible acne so I pay close attention to what I eat most of the time but I do have my weak moments (my 9 yr old daughter lol)

    Long stretchs are a bit hard to handle so I'm definitely going to cut back until I can handle them better.

    I trimmed about an inch and a half yesterday, my hair looks better and I also feel much better about it. I don't wear my hair out but I still rather a uniformed look.

  6. Girl I know about horrible acne. In 2011 I stopped responding to prescription medications and my acne took over and ravaged my face. I went dairy free and used plain greek yogurt as a facial masked and it worked wonders. It took my skin from having severe acne to moderate. This year I invested in a Clarisonic mia and I wish I had put out the money for it years now. Only thing I notice is I have to change brushes more frequently than they recommend. I start breaking out when the brush gets worn down.

    1. I have been suffering with acne for about 20 years now, one minute its not so bad and the next, its like all hell broke loose, I'm so fed up you won't believe! I've had the Clarisonic on my amazon wish list for over two years now but I am a bit skeptical, I've tried so many things that hasn't work it's a shame. Every prescription med I have tried caused more harm than good so I gave up on that and even stop going to my dermatologist, I have seen enough of them to last a lifetime lol. Since you are having good results with the Clarisonic I will give it a try, with all the money I've spend already, whats the worse that could happen? Did you get yours locally?