Friday, 15 March 2013

Mission Healthy

I am one of those persons who suck when it comes to exercising on a regular basis. At the beginning of every year I buy new DVDs or join a gym and never stick to it.
I do not want to lose weight I just want to have a drop dead killer body get fit and toned, I want exercising to become a healthy habit. Over the years I have tried and failed miserably but I never give up and I don’t intend to. So in an effort to give this another go I’m doing Insanity, well the first month at least. I've had this programme for over two years and have never done more than two or three days of it. I started on the 4th March; this is my second week of the programme. One of my biggest problems with exercising is that I get bored easily so my goal for this year, to keep myself interested, is to switch it up, do a different activity or workout every month or every other month.
So far I’m enjoying the Insanity programme, I won’t lie; it’s tough! When I’m doing the workouts I feel like my heart has gone to my head. I love the challenge though; I was able to go longer between breaks this week compared to last week, my first week. What keeps me going is thinking about all the juicy nutrients that’s going to my hair, long healthy hair anyone? Exercise helps increase blood flow to the scalp, enabling the release of nutrients into the hair follicles, which stimulates growth. Yep, that there alone is plenty reason to make exercising part of your healthy lifestyle.
What are some of the things you are doing to get/stay fit and healthy?


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