Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Benefits Of Using Coconut Oil In Your Hair

Coconut oil is one of the most multitalented oils around; it has amazing benefits and is used from head to toe, inside and out. I love coconut oil.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Healthy Hairology Medley

This is late this week as I was dealing with my Haircut From Hell and did not get around to reading many blogs. My haircut aside, take a look at what these lovely ladies posted this past week.

How to Retain Length and Grow Long Hair with Wigs and Weave Longing 4 Length: Ebony shares some great tips for using wigs and weaves to help retain length and grow your hair long. If I ever need advice on wigs or weaves I know she is the first person I would turn to.

Quick Curlformer Tutorial Brown Girls Hair: I follow both relaxed and natural hair blogs because I think we can still learn a lot from each other. This Tutorial is on natural hair but can be used even if you are relaxed.

5 Ways Social Media Can Tank Your Job Interview.......Before It Even Happens! The Martini Chronicles: This professional diva shares some Social Media don’ts for people who plan is to get hired.

25 Popular Oils, Butters and Natural Ingredients and How to Use Them on Natural Hair Black Girl Long Hair (BGLH): Another post that I can benefit us relaxed ladies also. Relaxed or natural, we basically use the same oils and ingredients.

Going Natural: How to Help Friends Decide Longing 4 Length: Monet gives some tips on helping your friends and family decide on going natural but these tips can apply to anyone wanting to help friends and family take better care of their hair.

5 Tips To Help Edges Bounce Back Just Grow Already: Jeni has one of the most beautiful head of waist length relaxed hair that I’ve come across. Check out her tips for one of the most common hair problems.

Visit the ladies over at Saving Our Strands for more on the Healthy Hairology Medley!

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Trim Turned Haircut From Hell!

I could not wait to get rid of the space at the centre of my nape since I am all for health before length, I felt like I had enough growth to get rid of my uneven ends and still have a reasonable amount of hair left, I fully expected to lose some length but linger somewhere around APL (Arm Pit Length). I was both excited and nervous but still opted to get my hair trimmed at a salon since I wanted a fresh start for 2014.

The salon I went to was Jean Paul Unisex Salon, when I got there a young lady wanted to wash my hair and I told her no, all I wanted was a haircut and I did not need 10 people’s hand in my hair to get it done. I ask that Jean Paul do everything or I don’t get my hair cut that day. I waited until he was finished with his client then he proceeded to shampoo then condition my hair with Rusk Deepshine Smooth Keratin Care Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner.

This is where I was before the cut
Before he started I showed him the picture of my hair and he suggested layers which I refused, I showed him where I wanted my hair cut to, both in the picture (line 6) and on my body, I also asked for a blunt cut.

After he was finished washing my hair I asked for a roller set only to learn that he don’t do roller sets, he has not one roller in the salon! I was shocked beyond belief; I never expected a salon to not have rollers! I had to meet a friend after so it was either leave with my hair wet or blow it out.

After the cut I ended up with damaged ends
From the picture you can see that he clearly ignored what I asked for, he is a very scissor happy stylist who also loves to use too much heat. There were times when I had to stop him from redoing sections with the blow-dryer because he was trying to flip the ends of my hair since I told him I did not want my hair flat ironed after blow-drying. I went to the salon for a simple blunt cut and came out with SL (Shoulder Length), U-shaped fried ends!
Dry, frizzy ends! SMDH

Extremely dry ends even after moisturizing
As you can see from the pics my ends are dry, it feels very coarse and looks horrible and no amount of moisture I put has made it look or feel any better, I will have to cut some more again, at least an inch.  My hair has NEVER felt or look like that after a hair cut/trim.

As if all that was not enough, five minutes after leaving the salon my scalp started to itch like crazy so I take a look in my car mirror only to see my scalp white! I have no scalp problems so I knew immediately that it was because my hair was not washed properly, I still had shampoo on my scalp! I had on black pants, when I looked down I had a white coating on my lap. I had to go home and oil my scalp before going to meet my friend since my scalp was on fire from me itching it; she had to wait quite a while for me.

I went to the salon on Tuesday evening and paid TT $280 for the crap that I got, I had to wash my hair the following day because of the issue with my scalp. I had hoped that my ends would feel and look better after the wash but it did not also my nape is now my problem area again since it did not revert when I washed my hair, it stayed bone straight. I now feel like the 19 months that I’ve been on this journey just went down the drain, I am now back to the length that I was at last November.

I need to trim my ends again but I am going to hold out as long as I don’t get breakage. I know my hair will grow back but I am still mad. I intend to do all cuts and trims myself from now on. This is officially my first set back, I am down but not out, the journey continues!

Do you have any advice for me? Leave me a comment below.  

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

November 2013 Relaxer Touch-up

Friday 29th November 2013 Touch-up at 17 Weeks 1 Day Post

For my final touch up this year I used my Affirm FiberGuard Conditioning Cream Relaxer. It is the lye version in mild strength. These are the steps I took:

·         Part 1 ½ inch all around my hairline and twisted it.

·         Section off my problem area at the centre of my nape. This area has not been relaxed since November 2012; it was practically non-existent at the beginning of my hair journey.

·         Part my hair in 1 inch sections from ear to ear, detangling each section as I went along using my wide tooth comb and twisting it. I started using this method last year and stuck to it because I finish applying my relaxer a lot faster.

·         I based my scalp and hairline with petroleum jelly then coated my relaxed ends with castor oil follow by petroleum jelly, can’t be too careful right?!

·         I then applied my relaxer starting at the back, smooth once then applied to my hairline. After I finished smoothing my hairline I applied relaxer to the centre of my nape. I use my hands to apply my relaxer because it is easier for me than using a comb. I also smooth with my hands but use the back of the comb to smooth my hairline once. I finished applying and smoothing my relaxer in less than 10 minutes. My scalp started to tingle, which didn’t surprise me since I did not refrain from itching my scalp leading up to my relaxer touch-up.

·         Hopped in the bathroom two minutes later and washed out the relaxer.

·         Did my mid-relaxer protein step for 5 minutes using a mix of Affirm FiberGuard Sustenance Fortifying Treatment and Aphogee Two Step Protein Treatment.

·         Neutralized with Affirm FiberGuard Normalizing shampoo 4 times even though I did not see pink after shampooing the first time. I left the shampoo in my hair for 5 minutes the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time I shampooed.

·         Deep Conditioned with a mix of Keracare Humecto Cream Conditioner and Roux Porosity Control Corrector and Conditioner under my heat cap for 30 minutes.

·         Wrapped my hair in a t-shirt for 30 minutes to get rid of the excess water after rinsing my deep conditioner.

·         Applied my leave-ins, Aphogee Keratin and Green Tea Restructurizer and Matrix Biolage Daily Leave-in Tonic.

·         Then applied some Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum.

·         Air dried until my hair was about 90 percent dry then used my blow dryer on the cool setting to finish dry my hair.

The following morning I applied my heat protectors, Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide and CHI Silk Infusion, then flat ironed my hair using my Hana 1.5 inch Titanium Ionic Flat Iron.

November 2013
The heat setting I used was 300 ͦ but I still felt like my hair was too straight when I was done flat ironing. I did not do a length check for my last relaxer touch-up in August since I know the urge to cut would be strong, I ended up trimming about an inch or so a few weeks later anyway lol. My nape has finally grown out enough for me to get rid of the space at the centre of my nape and still be at a reasonable length, I plan on getting my hair cut by a professional since I want a blunt cut.