Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wash Day and a Hair Cut!

This is a loooooooooong overdue post, as in it happened last week Monday, yip, the 8th of April. I wish I could give a valid reason for now posting it but I can’t so I’ll just jump right in.

Lova and I did our wash day together, using the same products. This is basically what we did.
·        Pre-pooed with a mixture of coconut oil and Pantene pro-v conditioner for about an hour (used up the last of the Pantene conditioner).

·        Shampooed with Creme of Nature Detangling Conditioning Shampoo (green bottle, yellow cover).

·        Deep conditioned using Redken real control under the steamer for 20 minutes (used up the last of the Redken real control also).

·        We both played Dance Central for over three hours before we finally rinsed out our hair, I might be old to some people under twenty but I still got moves! :D

·         We both then wrapped our hair in cotton t-shirts to absorb as much water as possible.

·        After about 30 minutes I applied my leave-in and serum, Matrix Biolage daily leave-in tonic and Macadamia Healing oil Treatment.

·        I patiently detangled my hair and let it air dry.

·        Once my hair was 90 - 95% dry I wrapped it in a bun.

·        Meanwhile, lova awaited her trim turned hair cut. I wanted to do it on dry hair with as little product as possible so I only applied a little leave-in. She never had a trim or hair cut before so she was worried, I tried to prepare her by letting her know weeks in advance what to expect plus showing her videos of other ladies trimming their hair, I also let her see me cut my hair when I did it. She had a lot of SSK (single strand knots) so I have been meaning to give her a trim for some months now. I started her on her journey because hair was not growing at all; it was stuck at one length. I was initially going to just trim her hair, take off about half an inch but ended up cutting about three inches because I felt that she needed it. Basically I took off all her progress since starting her journey (it has only been a few months for her) and felt horrible afterwards but her hair looks and feels much better than it was. The best part, no more SSK!

·         After her hair cut I moisturized her hair and put it in some box plaits.

My daughter was not completely happy with the length of her hair after the hair cut but she is a wonderful sport and has come a long way since being on her journey. I will explain all the wonders in another post.

Happy Hair Growing!