Friday, 24 April 2015

Fitness Friday | Focus T25 Week 1

I survived!

I’ve completed my first week of T25 and so far so good. There is one workout from Monday to Thursday and two on Fridays but I only did one since on Fridays I will be doing my workouts in the morning before I leave home.

I won’t lie to you guys, it was hard getting started, the first day, Monday, I sat in my workout clothes for over six hours and ended up doing the workout after midnight. Tuesday and Wednesday I did better, I only procrastinated in my workout clothes for about two or three hours before I got started, things to do around the house just kept popping up, ladies you know how it is right??..........all judgemental people can take a seat between these two brackets.......(       )
So far I don’t find the workouts to be tough, getting my mind around working out regularly is more of a battle. The only day I felt a little soreness was yesterday when the focus was abs, even though I’m not sore all over I sweat and in my mind that equals fat melting.
How are you doing with your fitness goals?
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  1. Congratulations!!! Yea u did survive. Wish I can too but not now. Maybe later when I've got the nerve. Lol!

    1. Girl if I can do it anyone can! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. I heard so much about T25. I'm glad you did it. More power to you!

  3. OMGosh, I have done that too! Changed into my workout clothes directly after work, sat around in them for hours - then around midnight forced myself to go ahead and finally do it! You are so not alone! Good for you in pushing through!