Monday, 23 September 2013

Feeling Like A Magician!

I am starting to feel like a magician when it comes to this blog! This disappearing act, here one minute gone the next, is not working, so I am trying to find a way to make this work no matter what obstacles are in my way.
I keep asking myself, what happened to having at least one post a week Candice?!! Nevertheless, I hope all is well with everyone; I’m trying to catch-up yet again so I just want to touch base and share a few things with you.

v  I trimmed my ends! I know I was supposed to hold out until the end of the year then do a cut but I couldn’t help myself. One day I was standing in front of the mirror about to moisturising my hair and just decided to grab sections and take off about 1 ½ inches in each one. I was itching to cut my hair, I don’t know what it was; I just felt like I had to do it! I still intend to get a nice cut at the end of the year since I was not concerned with a hemline this trim.

v  I have a hair appointment on Thursday so I will be protective styling for the next couple of weeks. I am both excited and nervous but I have had this weave for months now so it is about time I use it.

v  I did not do a length check after my last touch up because I never got around to flat ironing my hair and still haven’t. Since my hair will be hidden after Thursday, I took some pictures of one section of my hair using the length check tees I made some months ago.


v  On top of failing all of my last set of weekly goals, I have not done any since. I plan to do my weekly goals starting on Mondays because Sundays are a bit hectic now that school has reopened for my daughter.

v  For weeks I have contemplated joining a gym but I keep putting it off for some reason or the other. I went running one or two times in the last few weeks and even though my lungs were always on fire I felt really good afterwards. Next Monday will be my first day at the gym, yes, I’m stalling! But now that it’s out there, I can’t turn back!

v  I am going to try one of those total body cleanse; I bought it about a month ago and still haven’t started it yet. It was recommended by my cousin, I will share more about the one I will be using when I start.

Have you ever done a cleanse, if so which one?
How is your hair journey going?


  1. Great to see things are going well, Candice! Your hair is looking so thick, long, and healthy. It looks like you're around BSL!
    Can't wait to read about your cleanse too. I would love to try that. I did one a long time ago, but I don't remember what it was called. I think it was pills that I had to take for a few weeks. Not sure how effective that was. Let us know how it goes.

    1. I was a little surprised when I saw those pics since I don't even feel like my hair is APL, yet again I learned the importance of taking pics even though I hate to! I am a little obsessed with getting a full blunt hemline so I am not claiming any length until I get a hair cut.

      Desperation has me trying the cleanse, my acne is very "out of hand" at the moment and nothing seems to be working.

    2. I'm having some acne issues too around my forehead area. I was using proactiv but want to switch to something more natural. The proactiv is not helping much or maybe I'm not using it correctly.

    3. I used Proactive years ago but it did nothing for me, I saw that they changed the formula a little so I was thinking about giving it a try again. Is it the new formula you're using?

      I recently stated taking birth control pills for my acne since the medications the doctor prescribes never agrees with me. I am hoping this time is different.

    4. yes I believe it's the new formula. I haven't been using it twice a day like they say to, because it makes my face feel dry, but I keep getting these little pimples on my forehead. idk.

    5. I can relate to the dryness, make sure to use a good moisturiser.

  2. Full BSL here you come! I think I used Tisane de Durbon a time back, but I can't remember but I believe it worked. The taste wasn't the best thou, Goodluck.

    1. Just looking at Tisane I know I can never take it but I know a few people who have and they say that it works.

  3. Thanks Aku O! Thanks for stopping by also :)