Thursday, 8 August 2013

Goals Recap 28th - 03rd August 2013

I am late checking in but better late than never. Take a look at how I did on my last set of goals.

·         Take my multi-vitamin daily. Success

·         Plan my meals for the week. Success

·         Drink at least 60 oz of water daily. Failed.

·         No snacks or sweets for six days this week, I have one cheat day. Success

·         Exercise at least twice for this week. I will be doing the home workout shown below and try out a spin class this week; I have a free class pass so I am going to use it. Success

As you can see I failed with my water intake again but I am not giving up. I always drink more water when I exercise so once I can get consistent with my workouts it will be like killing two birds with one stone. My goals are basically going to remain the same for now; I have stuck to my goals even though I did not get to post it and since this week is almost over these will be for 07th – 17th August 2013  

·         Take my multi-vitamin daily.

·         Exercise at least twice a week.

·         Drink at least 60 oz of water daily.

·         Do a roller set. This is going to be an adventure lol

·         No snacks or sweets for six days a week, I have one cheat day.

I relaxed my hair last Thursday and I am not completely happy with the results, a post will be up as soon as I get a little time to breathe. I also have a few of reviews pending that should have been posted already; I want to post at least three by the end of this month so look out for those.

How are your goals going thus far?


  1. My water intake on weekends are horrible but during the week my water bottle is stirring me in the face on my desk at work so i just drink up a storm lol. You are doing great so far, before you know it your will be getting 100% on all your goals

    1. I bought another water bottle to help with my water intake, we will see how that goes lol