Monday, 30 September 2013

Weekly Goals 30th September - 6th October 2013

I have not done any weekly goals in awhile, my last set was a total fail but as usual, I’m not giving up! I mentioned before that I’m setting my weekly goals from Monday to Sunday since it is more convenient.
I only just got home and still have a lot to do before bed so let’s jump right in.

·        Drink at least 60 oz of water daily, still struggling with this.

·        Take my vitamins daily, this feels so much like a chore I conveniently forget.

·        Exercise at least three days this week, I did not join the gym today but I did a Zumba class.

·        Buy no new nail products; I have so much nail related items that I have never even used its becoming shameful! I bought 2 more bottles of nail polish last weekend; I have a weakness for pink nail polish.

As you can see, I am basically still struggling with the same goals but I intend to stick to them until they become the norm.

How did your goals pan out?


  1. I feel so bad. I just completely gave up on goal setting. It's good that you are sticking with it and trying to make this more of a regular habit. You got it this week, Candice. Stay focused! :)

  2. I need to get into the habit of having goals and actually achieving them in the stipulated time frame I am such a huge procrastinator! But the interesting part is that when I actually get down to doing stuff I achieve so much in a very short time when I put my mind to it

  3. I agree with tomi,
    You Can Do It !
    Doing the zumba class was the first step forward!
    Good luck for the remainder of the week.

  4. hey hun, answer to ur question on my blog: ive actually never had an issue with my mascara clumping and i usually always use diffeent ones.. maybe u had been using an old one which was a bit dry or something? xx

    1. I hardly ever use makeup so the few times I did I bought a new mascara. Even when they claim clump free I get clumps, am I naive to ant my lashes to look like in the ads?! lol