Friday, 31 May 2013

Wash Day - 9 Weeks Post

Wednesday 29th May 2013

The last time I washed my hair was two weeks ago and sad to say it has been even longer since I did a wash day post. This is the longest
I have gone between wash days since starting my hair journey. I am nine weeks post and my new growth has been doing its own thing since four weeks post, however, besides not washing weekly on the dot like I used to I did not neglect my hair. This is what I did this wash day.

·        To start, I applied my oil mix (coconut oil, olive oil and tea tree oil) to my scalp, detangled my hair then applied Herbal Essences Hello Hydration conditioner to my ends for forty five minutes.

·       Since I did not wash my hair in two weeks I had some extra cleaning to do. My shampoo of choice was Paul Mitchell super skinny shampoo, I bought this shampoo hoping it would not make my scalp as dry and itchy as other shampoos with sulphates, the sulphate in this shampoo is Sodium Myreth Sulfate.
·       I did a protein treatment using Redken Extreme Deep Fuel for fifteen minutes with no heat, my hair felt soft and moisturized yet strong after rinsing this out, it did not feel like I used a protein treatment at all.
·       To deep condition my hair I used KeraPro Restorative Treatment and sat under my steamer for twenty minutes. I knew this conditioner has protein in it so I had two minds about using it since I just did a protein treatment. After rinsing the conditioner out, my hair did not feel as soft as it did after using the protein treatment. My hair was not stiff, it just not feel like it usually does when I use this conditioner and I knew it was because I used all that protein. I would not be using those two products together again, don’t wanna push my luck lol

·       I did my final rinse by applying Roux Porosity Control and Corrector to my hair for two minutes then rinse with cool water.

·       I squeezed the excess water from my hair with a towel then wrapped my hair in a t-shirt for about thirty minutes.

·       After applying my leave-in, Camille Rose Moisture Milk, I detangled my hair, tied down my roots with a scarf and air dried while watching the Disney Channel with my lova.
·       I dosed off for a little bit and when I got up my roots and ends were dry but the length of my hair was still damp o_O so I applied some Darcy’s Botanicals Transitioning Cream to my hair and sealed using some KeraPro Elixir. It was very late, as usual smh, so I put my hair in a bun and went to bed.

After my last wash day I put my hair in some cornrows/canerows and wore a wig. My hair stayed that way up until last Friday when I took out the canerows with the intent of washing my hair. Well that never happened but I ended up with a really cute braid out which I had planned on putting in a messy pony tail for class the next day J. I put my hair in some bantu knots to help save my braid out, something that won’t be happening again anytime soon, bantu knots are uncomfortable to sleep in. I was running late the next morning so I only took out the bantu knots in the car on the way to class and of course I forgot my hair elastics so my hair had to stay out lol, I felt soooo weird and uncomfortable the whole time I was in class, I kept thinking of my hair rubbing, pulling and hooking on everything! I don’t know how you ladies do it; as soon as class was over I went to a store and bought some goody hair bands. Once my hair was in a pony it felt like all was well with the world! There was no more pain and suffering, everyone was just living the high life! lol I never liked leaving my own hair out even before my hair journey, that’s another reason I fell in love with wigs, I hope I can stop being so paranoid about my hair because I want to enjoy my hair as it gets longer. Every night, up until this wash day, I kept plaiting or twisting my hair to help keep my braid out looking fresh, I do not get why this style is considered low manipulation, maybe one of you can let me know.

What is the longest you have gone between wash days since being on your hair journey?


  1. I don't think I've gone past a week without washing my hair and now I'm trying to work cowashing in. I think I had the same issue with KeraPro. When I started using it my hair felt amazing, but occassionally there have been times when my hair didnt feel so great. I thought it might be the protein as well.
    I'm also with you on wondering how twist-outs, braid-outs, bko's, etc are low manipulation because you are constantly twisting and braiding. Would love for someone to explain this. Great points! :)

    1. My best and easiest relaxer stretch was my first and I believe it was because I deep conditioned my hair every four to five days, I plan to revisit that in June.

      My hair can handle a little protein every week but not as much as when I first started this hair journey. I know in the earlies I used both Aphogee two minute and that KeraPro Treatment for was days without any issues. I see it as a good thing though, to me it says my hair is in better condition :)

      To me, the only benefit of twist-outs, braid-outs and bantu knots are heat free curls or waves. Maybe we need to go around the web asking these ladies who swear by these styles, however, we have to admit, they can look really fly once you get it right lol

    2. That is a good point on not needing protein so often due to our hair being in better condition. We must be doing something right these days. lol
      I think I'm going to ask the ladies on the long hair care forum and see if someone can explain why these styles are "low manipulation" although I agree they are very cute. But I just keep imaginging my tresses weakening from all the twisting and braiding. They are good for stretching between relaxers though. :)

    3. We better be doing something right! With all the time, money and love we invest returns need to be guaranteed lol

      Please, do ask those ladies on LHCF!! Maybe our imagination I getting the best of us because I feel that way too :)

    4. well I started a thread on lhcf and there seems to be a lot of debate about what's defined as low or hi-mani. some think like you and me... I guess it's just up to the individual...???

    5. Guess it's an "agree to disagree" kind of thing :)

    6. Here is the link to the thread if you want to see the explanations. Some had some good points.

  2. Up until last weekend I have washed my hair weekly and you know the woes I went through. I totally get you about being paranoid because of all the knowledge we now have and consequences of neglect and bad habits.

    1. The longer we stretch the more time a wash day takes, well that is usually my experience.

      I don't know if its just me but its a whole other level when you look at your couch and wish it was covered in silk! lol

    2. LOL! I'm with ya on the paranoia. I think someone needs to invent the silk couch or silk couch cover! ha ha!

    3. I smell a new invention!? Maybe we can go into business together! People selling love as an ingredient so we're sure to make lol

  3. how do u like the camille rose? does it make a great leave in!? (i see you made the trip to valrosa :D )
    i think its considered low manipulation because you aren't supposed to keep re twisting/braiding the style BUT it never looks "right" if you leave it i haven't mastered that pineapple method at all, so its definitely not low manipulation for me.

    1. I called Valrosa around the same time you told me about them, they didn't have the Darcy's Botanical until last week, the lady was nice enough to call me. After checking their fb page I had a list of things I wanted but didn't get so she recommended the Camille Rose, my daughter likes how it smells so she's sold. One of the ingredients is love!? Whats up with that?! Post coming soooooooonnnnn lol

      The pineapple method seems fine but how long would the style truly last unless manipulated, I still say its not low manipulation lol