Tuesday, 21 May 2013


I haven’t done a wash day post in a few weeks but I have been keeping up with my wash days. There are times when I have gone more than a week between wash days but it was not intentional. Most times I wash my hair so late I go to bed with it damp.

My Organic Root Stimulator moisturiser is no longer working. All it does is leave my hair greasy. I have been trying to find a better moisturiser for years; this has been my go to moisturiser long before I started my healthy hair journey. I kept going back to this moisturizer because nothing else seems to work. Once I finish what I have in stock I will not be repurchasing. My hair loves thick moisturizers so that has been my main problem in finding a moisturiser. I have purchased a few natural/organic ones to try; we’ll see how that goes.

People are starting to tell me crap about my hair again. I’m starting to get remarks like “your hair grows fast” or “your hair is long!” and one of the best “you are mixed” my answer to that is and always will be: the only place I’m mixed is under my arm and down there! Believe me when I tell you my genes are not the cause, it’s waxing! lol I used to get these sorts of remarks in the past and I would always be irritated, I eventually stop trying to correct people. I get even more irritated now knowing what I know but some people believe what they want to no matter what. Imagine my hair is shoulder length and people calling it long o_O everyone has their definition/idea of long hair and I respect that but I never considered my hair long even before my hair disaster. Let me explain, I grew up in a predominantly East Indian community so long hair was hair down to the centre of your back, touching your butt and beyond, hence my notion of me just having “ok” length hair back then. Not short but ok lol I knew nothing of APL, BSL, MBL, etc. so to me it was just an ok length.

The last time I took my vitamins was probably a month or more ago. One day turns into one week and one week turned into a month plus. Just like that! Sticking to vitamins is like sticking to exercising for me; once I stop it takes a lot of strength and determination to start again. Anyone else have that problem?

I have spent way too much on hair related products last month and this month so it’s time for a ban, that’s going to apply to nail polishes and nail related products also. I have acquired quite a nail polish collection over the years, I am ashamed to write, many of which I have only used once or never even used at all. My little challenge for next month is not to buy any hair or nail related product. So that means I have 10 days to get all I think I need! Heheheheh Don’t judge me, it’s my hair and nails fault! That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

How is your hair journey going?
What do you say to people who make remarks similar to the ones I mentioned above?



  1. Lol
    Can I just say a product just doesn’t stop working esp If the ingredients haven’t change at all.
    The issue is with your hair not the product itself, so try and identify why your hair isn’t responding to the product anymore.

    I just loveeeeeeee curl assurance smoothing lotion as my hair moisturizer. My hair feels like silk and non greasy another really good moisturizer is Soultanicals Knot Sauce although I wish they were all cheaper and easier to purchase. They both have the 3 key ingredients to give that silk hair feeling. AMAZING.

    1. They added two more preservatives, I was really hoping it would still work, they revamped the label thats what made me check. I always had a love hate relationship with that moisturizer, I usually mix it with something because it never seem to work well by itself. The past few weeks laziness had me using it alone, after 1 1/2 bottles and following all the "rules" to determine if its my hair or not I can honestly say it's the product.

      I will be checking on those two products as soon as I get home! My only concern is having to always order online, hope I can spot it locally :) Gosh, you are not helping with my no buying new products goal, is this some sort of test!? lol

      Thanks for stopping by Yemi! :)

  2. i have to put a ban on myself too! but i can't help but want all those delectable but i wish u luck! which products do u have in mind?

    1. I'm aiming for a one month ban, I still say it's my hair that needs the ban not me! He has a mind of his own, you know how some men can be! lol

      Products I have in mind are Darcy's botanicals and Bee Mine but the more I look the more I want to try! Gonna have to walk in stores with my eyes close, a note in my hand and exact money to get what I went for :D

  3. I thought I liked the ORS moisturiser when I first got it but after a while my hair started to feel weighed down so I stopped M&S'ing so often with it but now I just stopped using it all together except as a base for a moisturising spritz when I get deeper in my stretch...just so I don't waste it. Who told me to go buy the largest bottle on my first try? Sigh.

    I've had to ban myself from purchasing new items as well. I can't believe how quickly I racked up my stash.

    Put an alarm in your phone to remember to take the vitamins. That's what I used to do until it became a habit.


    1. I totally feel you on the no wasting part, if I don't like something I'll still find a way to use it till its done.

      My rule is don't purchase what you can't afford but we still have to check ourselves sometimes, especially when you're a product junkie............well that and I'm running out of space to put products lol

      The alarm thing never worked for me, the vitamins always seem so far away at that moment hehehe

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  5. i really feel you on the vitamins. i forget taking my amino acid supplements the whole may since they are so big and to be honest i was never good on taking pills consistenly except my birth control pill. when i will go back on track with my supplements on day i will use them up and stop purchasing them because my bamboo leaf tea does the job of softening my new growths and clearifying my skin, so no need to take other supplements anymore. lol

    i'm currently on a 3 months no hair products buying since my last shopping tour in march which will end officialy by the end of june but i think i will stop buying until my birthday in september. i have a few new products on my whishlist, though

    1. I started taking vitamins to support my friend who was injured last year, taking vitamins the size of my little finger is no fun but I stuck to it after reading about how much the vitamins I was already taking benefited hair growth. I tried Biotin but blacklisted it when my face exploded after three days! lol

      A three month ban!!! DEAD! o_O I bought four more products on Saturday *hides face* lol, thank god the month is almost over! I still have two days to get through, thankfully Thursday and Friday are holidays in my country lol.