Friday, 31 July 2015

Relaxer Touch-Up | July 2015

Friday 10th July 2015

Touch-up at 12 Weeks Post

I did my touch-up three weeks ago at exactly 12 weeks post. This is officially my shortest stretch ever and I guarantee that it won’t get any shorter, one of my personal rules when stretching is that it must never be shorter than 12 weeks. I did my touch-up using the same process and products as my last touch-up in April. I did not get around to flat ironing my hair until a week later when I did my first wash, this was my results two days later. Those of you on Instagram would have already seen this.
July 2015
I trimmed an inch off each section while flat ironing and would love to take off more since I’m still not pleased with my ends but I would have to wait since I want to maintain blunt ends and I won’t be able to achieve that if I cut my hair myself. I am slowly bouncing back from my setback.

My plan going forward is to continue to do 12 week touch-ups until the end of the year then do a nice cut to kick off the New Year. Right now my hair is grazing BSL (Bra Strap Length), if all goes well I can start 2016 at full BSL.


  1. Beautiful results! What's your instagram? I don't know if I'm following you.

    1. Thanks Kim, my instagram is healthyhairdiary I know I already stalk you lol

  2. I also feel like 12 weeks is a good time span for stretching. After 12weeks is when single strand knots try to take over my life. Your hair looks lovely. Great relaxer results

    1. I it was easier for me to do long stretches when my hair was shorter, doing 16 plus weeks was a breeze. 12 weeks is a sweet spot, no issues but I would love to do a 6 month stretch sometime.