Friday, 19 July 2013

Wash Day - 16 Weeks Post

It is more than two weeks since my last wash day so this one is way overdue. This wash day actually started yesterday
but did not finish until today because I got caught up studying. I have a lot of work to catch up on so all I have been doing is reading blogs in between breaks. Yesterday I detangled my hair and applied vitamin E oil and coconut oil to my hair with the intent on pre-pooing for about 30 minutes but did not shampoo my hair until late last night right before bed. I am experimenting with baby shampoo to see if I will get the same effect as sulphate free shampoo; the brand I used was Johnson and Johnson. After shampooing I applied Camille Rose Algae Deep Conditioner then covered my hair with two shower caps and a stocking cap, the stocking cap help keep the shower caps in place. Once that was done I wrapped my hair like normal and headed to bed.

Earlier tonight I washed out the conditioner and wrapped my hair in a cotton t-shirt for about an hour. I then applied my leave in, Matrix Biolage Daily leave-in tonic, detangled my hair then sealed with some Darcy’s Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean moisturizing hair whip. I am currently air-drying as much as I could while studying before heading to bed.

How was your last wash day?


  1. My wash day on Sunday went well. I detangled with Mane 'n' Tail, washed with Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo, and conditioned with V05 Strawberries & Cream mixed with Aphogee and oils. I'm rocking plaits under half wigs.

    How are you going to style your hair with all the new growth?

    1. I want to try that Shea Moisture Shampoo but it always seems to be out of stock every time I go to the store.

      This morning I had a showdown trying to get it all in one, tonight I may put it in some canerows and wear a wig.

  2. have u tried getting the shea moisture shampoo at total care pharmacy in gulf city? i have seen it there for $125. nice to have you back posting :)

  3. Thanks Anonymous, I live in the west so it's been a while since I've been to Gulf City. I will check them out the next time I am there.

    Don't you think that Gulf City gives off a strip club/night club kinda feel?! lol A mall with black and glitter interior! :/