Friday, 22 November 2013

Liebster Award!!

My First Blog Award!!! *does happy dance*

I was nominated by the beautiful Tomi over at Tomes Edition, thanks chica! This blog award is a great way of getting to know a little more about the person behind the blog, spread some blog love and of course find new blogs.

These are the rules!

1.       List 11 interesting facts about yourself.

2.       Answer the questions presented by the blogger who nominated me.

3.       Paste the award on your blog.

4.       Nominate other deserving novice bloggers who have 200 or less followers and let the nominees know about the award by commenting on their blogs or via email.

5.       Make up a set of 11 questions for your nominees to answer.

11 interesting facts about me!

1.       I wear heels ALL THE TIME, nothing lower than 4 ½ inches. I own only one pair of flats/flip flops that I use for the beach and driving.

2.       I am a Scorpio. *big shout out to all Scorpios reading this* my birthday was last week and like fine wine I’ve gotten better with age! Lol

3.       I have one child who I swear is going to be the death of me but I won’t have it any other way!

4.       My favourite colour is pink. Yip, I’m a girly girl!

5.       I’m 5’ 1”. My daughter is almost as tall as I am and she never skips the opportunity to remind me.

6.       I LOVE to read! You name it I’ll read it.  

7.       I am the eldest of all my mother’s kids.

8.       I hate talking on the phone; convos are kept short and to the point. I also ignore 80% of my calls.

9.       I am left handed.

10.   I never stopped watching cartoons. I need my fix on weekends! Laughter keeps me looking 25 28 30 32 ageless, well that and having extremely oily skin.

11.   I have a weakness for sweets. *mini-cupcake break!!* Ok, so when my daughter misses her cupcakes I’m telling her that it’s rude not to offer cupcakes to the aliens when they visit. You gonna help back me up right?!  

Tomi’s Questions!

1.       Where was your favourite vacation to date and why?
 Tobago!! Even though we’ve been there many times, unlike our other vacations, there was a big group of us and my daughter can’t stop talking about that particular trip to this day.

2.       What’s your favourite hairstyle to rock?

3.       What’s your favourite food and drink?
 Favourite food, Callaloo. Favourite drink, Nescafe French Vanilla

4.       What’s your favourite movie and why?
 I don’t have just one; I love good action and comedy movies.

5.       How long does your wash day take?
 At least 5 hours since most times I apply deep conditioner and go about my business.

6.       Where do you spend your free time – Blogs, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, hair forums?

7.       If you were stranded on a desert what are the 3 hair essentials you would want on you?
 Water, coconut oil and DB Transitioning Cream

8.       What motivates you to blog?
 I am hoping that one day everyone around me is sucked into the healthy hair vortex!

9.       What was your career choice when you were a teenager and why?
 Accountant, because I was always good with numbers.

10.   Describe yourself in 3 words?
Cheerful, Passionate and Ambitious!  

11.   Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
 Working for myself!

And the nominees are!

Kim of Fancy Flair Lady 

Carolyn of Waist Length Wishes 

LYDZ of Crowning Glory 

Ebony of Longing4Length

Courtnea of Finally Growing

Bellezza Bee of Bellezza Bee 

Blutiful Blaq of Blutiful Blaq Hair  

Danielle of Diary of Mizz Bee 

Melanie of A Desired Beauty 

Candace of My Hair is my Hobby

My Questions!

1.       What is your favourite colour?

2.       Describe your hair in 3 words.

3.       What length do you consider long hair?

4.       How many blogs do you follow?

5.       What is your most expensive hair purchase to date?

6.       Pink or red nails, which do you prefer?

7.       Do you have any hobbies, share at least 2?

8.       What is your favourite TV series?

9.       Are you left or right handed?

10.   Have you ever been to the Caribbean, which island?

11.   Do you have any siblings?

For my nominees I chose 12 ladies who haven't done the award yet, I look forward to learning some more about them. Thanks again to Tomi for nominating me; being my Caribbean neighbour makes it even more special.  


  1. Thanks for accepting hun! Really enjoyed reading about your facts, I was cracking up. OMG were the same height and the thought of me wearing such high heels is so scary. I think its old age that has kicked in and has me leaning towards 2inch heels. I did splurge the other day to higher heels recently. Sharing is caring @ cupcakes lol

    1. Thanks again for the nomination! Told you we had a few things in common lol. I've been wearing high shoes since before the Spice Girls days, I get all kinds of crazy questions and comments but I'll stop wearing heels when I can't anymore. Girlllll, would you believe she ask me about those cupcakes as I was replying to your comment?! lol

  2. We have a number of things in common! That's pretty cool. I think about 5 of your 11 facts can be said in some way about me, too.

    And much thanks to you for the nomination!! That's so sweet! :) Now I must think of facts and questions of my own...

  3. I didn't realize you had started blogging, last I checked (unless I had the URL wrong) there weren't any posts! #nowfollowing!

    Okay - I canNOT believe you wear heels that high all the time!!!! Are you insane?! lol. My fave color is pink also and I actually LOL'd at you saying you want everyone to be sucked into your hair vortex. Me too!!!!

    1. Welcome and thanks for following!!! :)

      They are not that high, btw last time I checked doctor said I was fine lol Girllll, more than half my nail polish stash is pink! We have a few things in common!

      I checked the URL, for some reason it was wrong on Disqus :( I'll have to double check my accounts when I get home.

  4. I really appreciate the nomination Candice. Thank you! It was fun coming up with facts and questions....

  5. Thanks a lot girl for nominating me! i love pink too! hence the blog name i cant believe u wear heels all the time.. i never wear them anymore.. too lazy xx

    1. I'll stop wear heels when I can't anymore, I can so see myself wearing them at 70 years plus lol. Can't wait to learn a little more about you :)